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Jewelry Award 2018

Jewelry Award 2018, theme: Baroque I'm very honoured to be nominated for the Jewelry Award 2018, taking place in the new diamond museum, DIVA, in Antwerp on september, 28th. My work is titled: "Baroque: an architectural reduction" I integrated the baroque atmosphere into my architectural design process, keeping in touch with the baroque style elements. The ‘dynamic movement’ is reduced to geometric minimalistic dome shaped forms; the animal fur and pearls contribute in a subtle way to ‘richness and vivacity’; ‘wealth and power’ are materialised by combining gold and precious stones. Although different in their appearance, the three brooches are in harmony through their identical shaped form.

'New Brooches' now available in book stores

Received my copy! Thanks Nicolas Estrada and Promo Press for including my Monkey Puzzle brooches.

'New brooches' features 172 jewellery designers from all over the world and shows more than 400 contemporary brooch design.

Now available in book stores all over the world.