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Stone setting ctd.

Earlier, I posted that I started a new course: stone setting, which you can read HERE and also in this post

Of course it takes a lot of practice till perfection. But I keep on going ;-)

Silver ring with pink swarovski zirconia 2.5mm. Further practicing stone setting. #sterlingsilver #jewelry #ring #swarovski #zirconia #pink #handmade#handmadejewelry #stonesetting #silversmithing #syntratongeren

Proud of myself 😉 managed to set this eeny weeny 1.1mm stone without microscope, ooch my eyes! #sterlingsilver #ring #zirconia #swarovski#jewelry #jewelrydesign #handmade#handmadejewelry #handmadeinbelgium#silversmithing #stonesetting

Making settings with a twist. "Periscope setting". Stone 3mm, ready to be set in evening class.  #jewelrydesign#stonesetting #sterlingsilver #zirconia#swarovski #ring #silversmithing#syntratongeren


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New brooches

I'm so delighted that some of my brooches will be published in Nicolas' new book!

Nicolas Estrada: "New Brooches is a reality. The book is being printed right now and will be available worldwide this year by the end of June in its English and Spanish versions. New Brooches features more than 400 photographs with the work from 172 jewellery artists, texts by Ramon Puig Cuyàs and Ezra Satok-Wolman, and the beautiful cover with the work from Turkish artist Selen Özus."

Jewelry Award 2018

Jewelry Award 2018, theme: Baroque I'm very honoured to be nominated for the Jewelry Award 2018, taking place in the new diamond museum, DIVA, in Antwerp on september, 28th. My work is titled: "Baroque: an architectural reduction" I integrated the baroque atmosphere into my architectural design process, keeping in touch with the baroque style elements. The ‘dynamic movement’ is reduced to geometric minimalistic dome shaped forms; the animal fur and pearls contribute in a subtle way to ‘richness and vivacity’; ‘wealth and power’ are materialised by combining gold and precious stones. Although different in their appearance, the three brooches are in harmony through their identical shaped form.

Kunstroute Boutersem

Ik neem, samen met 33 andere kunstenaars, deel aan 'Kunstroute Boutersem'.
Je kan op zaterdag 28 en zondag 29 april langskomen. Ik toon een selectie van sieraden die ik de voorbije 15 jaar maakte tijdens mijn opleidingen aan DKO Haspengouw en Syntra Hasselt en Tongeren.
Ook veel sieraden te koop uit mijn huidige collecties.
Alle info en de flyer met alle deelnemers en locatie plan vind je via